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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-sales Frequently Asked Questions

A domain name uniquely identifies a website. Typing a domain name (also called a URL) into our browser allows you to visit that site. One unique domain name can be used as a company’s web address and for its email

A typical domain name looks like this: www.google.com. The “www.” refers to the fact that this computer is connected to the World Wide Web; the middle portion of a domain name is usually the name of the company
that owns the computer-in this case, google; the final portion of a domain name tells you what kind of site is served by this machine-in this case, ‘.com’ means this is a commercial site.

A domain registration is the process of registering domain name which gives you “right to use” for particular domain. For domain registration, relevant fees have to be paid and are sold for year.

The single organization that co-ordinates the registration of domain names and maintains database records for the top level domain is known as Domain Registry.

A Domain Registrar is the organization that has contract with Domain Registry and is certified to sell domain names.

A Domain Registrant is the individual or organization that registers domain name.

To register a domain name, firstly, you need to ensure that the name is available for registration. Please refer following to check the availability and register domain name: https://www.webhostinguk.com/addons/domains.html.

Unfortunately, once a domain name is registered it cannot be revised. You will have to register new domain name with correct spelling.

A WHOIS Record is the database that has the contact information of the Domain Registrant provided during the registration process and works as a query and response protocol.

Yes, you can hide your information from WHOIS lookup by getting Domain ID protection which will only cost you £10.00 GBP per year.

DNS propagation is the process in which the updated and new nameservers are transferred across to all networks globally.

It takes 12-24 hours for the DNS propagation.

You will have to place an order for the domain name transfer and pay the applicable fees which can be done through the following link: https://www.webhostinguk.com/addons/domains.html.

To transfer a .com, .net, .biz, .org or .info domain name, you have to get an EPP key/Authorization code from your current domain registrar and also ask the domain registrar to unlock the domain name for the transfer process.
You will be asked to enter an EPP key/Authorization code during the automated transfer process.

To transfer .co.uk, .org.uk or .me.uk domain name you will have to contact your current domain registrar and update our IPS Tag i.e. “ENOM” without the apostrophes. If you need more information, please contact us over live
chat and we will be glad to clarify your doubts.

EPP key /Authorization code is the unique code assigned to each domain name by the registrar during the registration process as a level of security for the domain name transfer.

We accept all major credit cards which can be paid via Google Checkout option while trying to signup, Paypal and also Bank transfers.